Magentos New Release and Features

Magento 1.0 came into market way back in 2008 and now has made a name in the eCommerce platform. It was originally an open source platform. In 2011 Magento was bought by eBay. The problems in Magento 1 were solved in Magento 2. But new problems raised in Magentos new version 2.0. As it became difficult to install and product speeds are lacking. In 2015 eBay sold Magento to a group of investors. From the very start, they meant business. At the Imagine 2016 conference, they ensure that buyers will have a greater experience than before.

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Now the world’s largest brands trust Magento on eCommerce platform. Magento 2.2 feature has arrived now. So today I am going to share with you guys that what is new in this new feature. Magento 2.0+ has new architecture speed. It consists of PHP5.6+/7.0 and Native support and has an advanced content alongside elastic search.

The new feature has improved flexibility and has added jQuery library and more new inbuilt technologies. They have also modified their containers. Some experts have claimed that there are a number of layout elements which makes moving, creating, or extending existing blocks and templates simpler. Also, UX for admit area has improved in this version of Magento 2.2. Magentos new version contains new grid filtering and search capabilities in the administrative panel. If you are an eCommerce merchant you must try this new version of Magento. As it has upgraded with lots of new features and functionalities.

Magento 2.2 EE Features:

• New B2B Functionality
• Enhanced Reporting
• Improved Security
• Enhanced Developer Experience
• Mass Technology Stack Update
• New Deployment Process (Pipeline)
• Improved Indexing, Cache, and Cart.

Magento 2.2 CE Features

• Improved Security
• Enhanced Developer Experience;
• Mass Technology Stack Update
• New Deployment Process (Pipeline)
• Improved Indexing, Cache, and Cart

Productivity Improved

Magentos new version has developed the online business with its new tactics. Magento 2.0 provides user-friendly customization process. Also, it is an excellent mixture of advanced technology. In addition, interacting with clients is just as easy because Magento 2.0 has an improved admin panel now. So that you can manage your routine efficiently. Hence critical information is now more easily accessible with the help of new innovative business tools.

Performance Improvement

Nowadays online shopping is very popular among the people. As they get the best products available at home without even going to shopping malls. Magento 2.0 increases conversion rate so that the customers can have a broad shopping experience. Magento developers can provide better performance in SEO rankings. As a result, it has a faster response time for websites.

New Functionality For Payment Gateway

Payment gateway integration like PayPal and Braintree has been secured by Magento new version. So that customers can pay online easily. There is a new method of payment for Magento 2.0 and it is known as payments on accounts. Here you can set minimum and maximum limit for your orders amount. Also, you can restrict credit for specific countries.

Expanded Flexibility

New and unique user experience is provided with the help of new features. Magentos new version allows you to add particular back-end workflows for meeting  specific business conditions. Also, you can choose how your eCommerce website as well as performance will look and work respectively.

More Languages and Currencies Introduced

However, there are more opportunities are in the cards with Magentos new version. Now extend your online business regardless of any domain. Even if language, currency or tax calculation are dissimilar. So, enjoy global traffics around the world. A visitor can change the language and currency. They can even set their preferences. As a result, expecting more sales is fair enough.

Easy Process For Admin

By using Magentos new version the admin panel can be now easily maintained. Generally, it allows associations to keep up and robotize ask for, takes care of substance, and client transportation, stock, etc. Also, the easy to use dashboard comes with important performance stats of the eCommerce store. Other features such as easy theme and extension installation help to present the site more responsive than ever. Moreover, admins can easily create categories and add products using the left Menu bar in the DashBoard.

Easy Checkout

However, taking a long time in payment procedure is a common problem, which is no longer there in Magentos new version. As it aides in reducing cart abandonment rate. Hence giving buyers more time in exploring new items. Here don’t forget Magento 2.0 EE has a great feature like one click check out. So, this means that the CMS can now automatically identifies revisiting clients. In such case, the system automatically loads their previous billing information and provide an easier experience regarding Checkout.

Advanced Technical Support

As a development company, Magentos new version will provide you with free support. In case you face any problem you have access to the technical expertise of the leading certified developers. So, Magento has played a crucial part in growing eCommerce industry. By creating an online business solution. Hence online buyers have increased looking for fastest features which can fulfill their demands. So, Magentos new version has brought an easier management at the admin side for eCommerce business.

However, Magento introduced 1000s of expert developers, programmers and theme developers in Magento. Every passing day, many more are contributing every day to the Magento eCommerce development platform. Lastly, they have included the team for Magento EE users,  which consists of domain expertise to handle and manage all of Magentos extensions. They have more knowledge about customizing and extending Magento.

Here find out which version of Magento is suitable for you. Thanks!