Magento 2x and later version – Development Environment Prerequisites

Magento is an Open source CMS which is serving a wide number of eCommerce merchants around the world. As we already know, Magento is powered by the PHP and Zend Framework. Also, the CMS has some prerequisites to install in Local Machine regardless of your purpose of use whether a developer or a client. For example, Magento PHP requirements or Magento technology stack requirements etc.

To build a Magento site,  you need single or several hosts. Generally is heavier than other nearby competitors such as WordPress, PrestaShop, etc.  One of the main reasons is the Magento functional dashboard which is a perfect eCommerce solution. So, without a dedicated Magento Hosting plan it is fair enough to expect slower loading.

In such a case, we’re providing SSD cloud storage with dedicated Magento plans and ensures up to 99.99% uptime for Magento Clients. Technologies like AspirationCDN, LiteMageCache and many other premium features such as cPanel and 24×7 customer support makes it possible for our Magento clients. So, if you’re about to start a Magento Store it’ll worth a visit to our Magento specialized packages.

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Pre-installation requirements

We need to do the following before installing Magento:

  • First, we need to set up hosting that is suitable for Magento 2x or later versions. For example, Aspiration Hosting is a dedicated Magento Hosting provider that meets all Magento PHP requirements with others.
  • In case using load balancing with more than one web node requires testing of the system before installing Magento.
  • Further, it is also important to secure the backup of the entire system at various point. So we can roll back in case any system issue occurred.

Here note in our case we’re assuming that we want to install Magento 2x or later version in a development environment. That means we’ve all root user access and no security issues or less security. We always recommend consulting with network administrator for highly secured machines.


The most efficient way to secure your site is by maintaining regular updates.  So, we recommend to upgrade and update the operating system software on a regular basis. Either due to regular Magento upgrades, it is possible to face issues or bugs in the future.

How to install Magento 2x or later? 

Now for the root privileges enter the following commands:

For Ubuntu

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

For CentOS

yum -y update
yum -y upgrade

System Check – For example, Magento PHP requirements

Use the following set of the codes to check your system for prerequisites to install Magento 2x or later versions:


CentOS: httpd -v

Ubuntu: apache2 -v

For further articles on installing Apache, read this Magneto Documentation.

Magento PHP requirements

However, remember that with the assistance of Magneto community the latest Magento 2.3 is using PHP 7.2.  Furthermore, the latest release solved the issue with the compatibility of previous versions in a great manner. For example, all 3rd party applications now supporting the PHP 7.2 onwards. Hence, we are welcoming all of you as a community developer and for the latest updates on any developing issues try to be active in our ZenHub board.

For testing your Magento PHP requirement use the following code:

php -v

Now you should see the following after running the code:
magento php requirements
Also note, you just need to see PHP 7.1x or later version for meet Magento PHP requirements.

Magento PHP requirements – MySQL

Use the following code to access your Magento database details:

mysql -u is (database root username) -p

For example, mysql -u magento -p

Now you see the following for MySQL:
magento php requirements
Remember it is a must to use MySQL 5,6 or later versions for the Magento 2.3 or later versions.

As you can see from the above that we’re good to install Magento 2.3 or latest versions. So, typeexit to move further.

Read this documentation for MySQL installation for the different operating system.

Remember the article focuses the prerequisites to install Magento 2x or later versions in a development environment. So, must need expert hands to understand moderation of machine.