Magento URLs – Catalog URLs – Part 2

Here we’ll continue the Magento Store URL related to Catalog.

Catalog URL – Store Code

Firstly the store code is a group of codes that can be used inside URLs. By the way we might face errors with third-party services such as Paypal. As Paypal only works with URL and doesn’t have any codes. So, by default the URL code is not submitted in URLs.

magento store url

Magento Store URL – Catalog URL – HTML Suffix

However it’s up to you to keep or remove the .html suffix in category or product URLs. In terms of usability, there are several reasons people add or remove the .html suffix. Few people have a mindset that .html suffix is not worth it to use now a days. Also believe that search engines index the site with efficiently if there is no such suffix added in URLs. But still some merchants may follow a specific format for URLs that coincidentally need suffixes.

Basically our system configuration controls the suffix. So, entering the suffix should be avoided directly in to the URL key of product and so category. As, it might be a reason of double suffix at the end of URL. Finally it is always advised to stick in a plan. Hence, use same settings for entire products and categories for a specific website.

Next following are the examples of category both with and without suffix:

Catalog URL – Category Path

Likewise previous paths we can also add or remove category paths. Though the Magento category paths are default process. And also included automatically in to category and product pages. Hence, following are the examples of product pages including and excluding Category Path.

Next we can remove the category from the URL to prevent search engines from indexing duplicate URLs for the same product. On the other hand, we can use canonical meta tag’s that defines URLs and inform search engines which needs to ignore and what to index.

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