SEO Friendly Hosting: 4 Things to Check in Your Host

The web hosting you choose will determine the overall experience you offer to your visitors. Choosing an SEO friendly hosting will significantly improve your SERP rankings. In this post, we are discussing the 4 things you have to consider while selecting your web hosting company to get the maximum SEO impact.

How to get SEO friendly hosting?

SEO Friendly Hosting 4 Things to Look For While Selecting Your Hosting Company

1. Uptime and speed

Uptime denotes the percentage of time your site is online and running. More the uptime, the site will be more accessible to the customers. But the sad fact is that no companies can offer 100% uptime. There is always going to be a down time. So the best option is to choose a company with less downtime.  Aspiration Hosting is providing 99.9% uptime. Hence your site will always be up and running all the time.

According to Seopressor, the site is speed has a great influence on google ranking. Our servers are powered by super fast SSD drives which will make sure that your site will get loaded fast anywhere in the world.

2. Server location

The closer the server to the customers, the faster the site will load. We have servers on all of the major continents of the world. Also, our Aspiration CDN network which spreads around the world will make sure that your site will load faster anywhere in the world.

3. Good support

If your site went down due to any reasons, you have to make sure that it will be up as soon as possible. If your site went down for a long time, it can badly affect theSEO results. Therefore you have to choose a hosting company which provides the best support. We Aspiration Hosting provides 24/7/365 support. Also, our experienced tech team will make sure that all your hosting related problems are solved fast.

4. SSL Certificates

By this year, Google is going to make SSL certificate an important factor for SERP ranking. Therefore it is very important to choose a company which supports SSL certificates. Aspiration Hosting provides 4 different types of SSL certificates which will make sure that your site will be encrypted.

Consider these factors while selecting your hosting provider and get SEO friendly hosting.

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