Automating Magento Store – Install 8 Magento Extensions to automate your store

Magento 2x is nothing but a revolution in the E-commerce industry. Already I have covered around 100+  articles on Magento 2x or later version. But there is always something remaining in Magento to explain. Actually, this is the easiest way I can describe how versatile and functional CMS Magento 2x itself. In my opinion, two things make Magento the greatest E-commerce platform. Number 1: Magento open source development platform. Number 2: As you’ve guessed the open extensions or third-party integration software. These two features add limitless functionalities and upgrades to the CMS.

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So any further moving here and there let’s move into today’s topic: Top Magento open source extensions.

Magento Open Source  – Extension 01 – Content & Customization

Content & Customization is a wide section cover. For example, blog, navigation, social login, email notifications etc. endless things come under this type of extension. So, we cannot cover everything but will name some of the top Magento Open Source solutions instead. Pick any extension from them to solve your content and customization purpose.

Aheadworks Contributions:

Amasty’s some best Contributions:

Believe me, we just named a few or some of the best extensions in the Content & Customization field. There are tons of extensions for Content & Customization out there in Marketplace.

Magento Open Source – Extensions 02 – ERP & Accounting

Regarding E-commerce, Enterprise resource planning and accounting is a priority of every seller to build strategy and maintain the store. In the Magento Marketplace, there are many open source extension which solves this purpose in different extents. You can pick different extensions to solve your purpose and combine them to solve the purposes. Either pick a compact solution that resolves everything related to ERP, Accounting and Finance. There are many of such extensions and software. Again we’ll discuss one of the best among them, Quickbooks Desktop & Online version.

Overview on Top features:

  • As of their two version names,  is a compact solution – can be used both online and offline with different price tags.
  • Easy setup and integration with Magento 2x or later versions.
  • Next, it has been optimized versions for targeting regions.
  • Supports over 20+ payment methods.
  • Now Manage everything that relates to accounting, for example, Tax rates, shipping fees, credit memo, discounts, and invoices etc.
  • Regarding  ERP the extension has the ability to update inventory, manage products and orders etc.

Magento Open Source – Extensions 03 – Customer Support

Next, the customer based interaction system is a matter of concern for the merchants, Basically helps the site to be more interactive by solving client issues and answering queries. In this case, I can name one of the best extension that Magento Open Source is Help Desk Ultimate by Aheadworks.

Overview on Top features:

  • Enables customers to create or open tickets.
  • Second, the extension creates Individual pages for each ticket.
  • Next, the extension automatically assigns tickets to specific managers.
  • Furthermore, give us the platform to set up the Email gateway which converts emails to support tickets.
  • Finally, we can create our own Customer login area with the extension.

Magento Open Source  – Extension 04 – Marketing Tools

Again, Marketing Tools can be considered as the heart of an E-commerce site.  Due to the wide variety in tools or extension in Magento Open Source Marketplace, we’ll name only the best tools we found for Marketing.

Again, we’re just named few best extensions we found in Marketplace. For more tools, visit the Marketplace set filter and pick the extension that suits you the most.

Magento Open Source  – Extension 05 – Payment options

Regardless of anything, it’s a great challenge for the owners to provide flexible payment options to the customers. In the Magento open source Marketplace, we’ve had some great options to serve the payment purpose.

Here, following is the list of extensions:

Magento Open Source  – Extension 06 – Reports & Analysis

As simple as that report converts visitors into clients. Without any further introduction, the top extension is Advanced Reports by Aheadwork.

Overview on Top features:

  • Firstly the extension continuously tracks the product performance and generate individual reports.
  • Next, generate almost every report regarding sales. For example,  overview, performance, category, detail, coupon code etc.
  • Easy and simple UI.
  • Functional Dashboard and many more.

Magento Open Source  – Extension 07 – Sales Management

Here following is the list of best sales management extensions in Marketplace.

Magento Open Source  – Extension 08 – Stock & Return Management

Regarding the shipment method and management, the following is the list of Magento stock and return management extensions.

  • For Automating the return process use the RMA extension by Aheadworks.
  • Next to generate automatic stock status we suggest the Custom Stock Status by Amasty.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a yearly budget for your store and by these tools to develop a fully automatic and functional Magento E-commerce site.