Why you Need a Good WordPress Host Partner for your Site

The decision to choose a host is important for business. Think of hosting as location of your physical office. You don’t want to choose a location that Is seedy or in some back alley street. You want your business address to reflect your prestige and  especially your achievements. This same honor is achieved by using a good host. The ideal WordPress host partner will help you from the very first to build the right company image. Let’s look at what you need from the good host.

WordPress Host Partner – Qualities they should Have

Cloud capabilities

If you aren’t on the cloud, you aren’t serious about your business. Cloud is touted by experts as the next best thing with just $200 billion earnings for just this year alone. WordPress is a program that appreciates the flexibility and scale ability of the cloud. And it is easy on the pocket for business owners as you get plans with no limitations which are easy to upgrade when you need more resources.

WordPress Host Partner
Cloud systems have more than one servers in the network. Making them 99% reliable for businesses.

Server side Caches

Google is weeding out slow loading sites as they strive to become more user focused. Users demand sites that load instantly which is quite possible with cache. Test on server side caches like LiteSpeed reveal they boost the speed of page loads 3 fold. That means your user gets the information at a blink of an eye, making Google happy.

SSL for Security

SSL used to be optional for sites, but this is no longer the case. HTTPS provides a far secure site than the previous HTTP sites. This extra layer of security is easily achievable by adding either free or paid SSL certificates. A good WordPress host partner should have different versions of the SSL certificates so that you can choose the one that fits right for your business.

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