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In the past decade, Magento has become one of the best free open source CMS for eCommerce development. There are several reasons behind the success of Magento. However, the open source extensions are one of the main reason for its popularity. Because these extensions add more eCommerce functionalities to the CMS. In an Enterprise solution, even the customers can directly contact with the Magento support for custom extensions. In the same note, Magento Support updates online documentation, How-tos, and FAQs etc. on a regular basis for best development experience.

Further for the best development experience join us now to enjoy full Magento web development support absolutely free with SSD cloud-based hosting pro and plus packages.

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How to build an eCommerce site using Magento?

Here following a checklist of requirements:

  • A Domain Name. For example,
  • Hosting
  • A Magento Account

Domain Name

Basically, the domain name is the unique identity of the website. Also, represents the IP or internet protocol of the website. Now the question arises, “How to buy a domain? ” or “Where to buy?”

  • To buy or register a new domain go to the following link using any web browser:

magento support
Search the domain availability and click “Add to Cart” button to buy the domain for your website.
  • Now using our search bar, type in the desired domain name and hit the Search button.
  • If the name requested is available you’ll see the following message:

Congratulations! is available.

  • Next hit the Add to Cart button. It’ll redirects you to the checkout page to complete the transactions.

Have a look into our Domain Name Registration Agreement to learn more about the service.

Web Host

The company or the server make the site live on the Internet is your web host. As the web performance depends mostly unto the host of the website.  So, picking the right web host is to the success of eCommerce website.

 What I should look before buying a hosting?

However, following is the checklist of features to pick a right hosting for Magento eCommerce store. Before buying any web hosting, don’t forget to ask them for the following features:

  •  Cloud-based SSD storage.
  • Unlimited Bandwith.
  • Development and marketing tools, software and resources etc.
  • For further learning about Cloud-based SSD Hosting Click Here to read this article!!!
  • CDN services for faster loading and zero downtime.
  • Dedicated Magento server with full Magento Support.
  • Free SSL, transfers, and development support.
  • Technical support and customer services.
  • Best Hosting plans might provide you the web development support too.

Where to Buy?

  • To buy your first Magento Hosting visit the following using your browser:

magento support
Cloud-based dedicated Magento hosting packages!! Click the image to visit the above page.
  • To buy a hosting package click the Order Now button at the bottom of the package.
  • Next, a popup will open and will ask for the location like the following image:
magento support
Choose the nearest server location by clicking any of these buttons!!
  • In the next page, the system will ask for a domain. Now for the New users who don’t have a domain name yet can direct purchase the domain here and register directly. Otherwise, pick one from the following options:
  1. Transfer your domain from another registrar.
  2. I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers.
magento support
Add, transfer or use existing domain!!!
  • Here, I am purchasing a new domain for my eCommerce site:

  • Now click check if the desired domain name is available, click the Continue button. Otherwise, we can also try other combinations or use the suggestions for the domain name.
  • In the next page, you can choose the desired package, bandwidth and can enable the SSH etc. Otherwise for purchasing with the default option, again click the Continue button.
  • Click the Continue button until we reach the Review & Checkout Page.
magento support
Here review or add coupons if any for the discount!!
  • If everything goes right then simply click the Checkout Button to complete the purchase. Again for the promotional codes click here.
  • Here in the Checkout page, enter your personal information, billing address, Additional required information, domain registrant information, account security, and payment details to Complete Order. Thanks shortly a notification email will be sent from our site regarding your purchase details. For any kind of Magento support, you can contact us or Chat with the technical team.
magento support
Use on Screen Chat on the right bottom of the page to consult with technical or Sales team for Magento support!!!

Otherwise, you can use the Client Area to open an issue. Further to learn more about Client Area & Technical support Click here!!!

Download and Installing Magento

There are several ways to download and install Magento. Use one of the following methods:

  • As our first option, we can download Magento from the official website. Later, we upload the Magento version using FTP or cPanel uploader. Finally, run the Magento Setup from cPanel. Actually, this installation process is quite old and needs development skills.
  • In Aspiration Hosting we are dedicated towards the best Magento Support. To download and install Magento, go the Aspiration cPanel of your website. Either if you don’t have the cPanel link yet contact the support or check the purchase notification email for details.

magento support

  1. However, login cPanel using admin credentials.
  2. Hence,  under cPanel go to software>>softaculous.
  3. In this case,  find Ecommerce>>Magento.
  4. Finally, Click Install button to open Magento installer.

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