Magento URls – Store URLs – Final Part

Here we’ll continue with the Magento URL and learn to include store code in to Base URL.

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Magento URL – Including Store Code

Next follow these steps to configure the store code in to the Base URL.

First log in to the admin panel using admin credentials.

Next under the Admin Sidebar find and click “Stores” tab. Further select configuration under the settings tab.

Now choose “Web” under the “General” tab in left sidebar.

Then click to open “URL Option”. Now as per our preferences we’ll put on Store code.

Following are the examples of URL with and without store codes in Base URL:[store-code]/index.php/url-identifier

magento url

Finally click on the “Save Config” button to complete Magento URL configuration.

After saving the configuration now we need to refresh our memory. So, we need to refresh the cache now for new settings to take effect. For clearing cache in top of desktop find and open the Cache Management link massage. Finally follow the instruction to refresh the cache according to the image.

magento url


Though every website in a Magento includes a base Magento URL which is related to the storefront. Also there must be a Magento URL which is assigned to the Admin. In conclusion, Mage uses variables to introduce internal links for relating the base URL. Hence it makes possible to move an entire Mage store without updating the links to any mobile locations.   

Further Note: the Standard base URLs begins with http. On the other hand, https are the secure base URLs.

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