Installing Magento Patch using SSH – Part 4

We’ll continue here the installing Magento Enterprise patches using SSH.

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Magento Enterprise patches – Uploading

Here we’ll discuss the uploading of the Magento Enterprise patches from local PC. Hence for the same reason we’ll create a folder with all permissions for patching to avoid permission issues. Now navigate through Mage and backup folders using “Putty”. Next change the folder permissions to 777 for the new folder is should be labeled as “Patch”.

cd ..
ls -l
mkdir patch
chmod 777 patch
ls -l

As we a have total of three folders with non-similar permissions. Specify the Patch folder has full access permissions to read, write & execute etc. Generally the permissions are specific for the current purpose.

magento enterprise patches

Let’s go back to local desktop. Now launch WinSCP or any other tool with similar options. Next we’ll login to the server. Hence, navigate through the server to reach the Patch folder using the right side pane.  

magento enterprise patches

Same as before search for the download folder for patch files navigating through the left pane. Now drag and drop the files on Patch folder over the right pane.

For backing up the uploaded Magento Enterprise patches there are several steps need to follow but ultimately the process is optional. SO, to avoid the lengthy article we eliminated the part from our series. But you can learn the process by visiting the Mage Official site.


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