Installing Magento Patch using SSH – Part 6 – Wrapping Up

Here we’re in the last and the final part of the article, Install Magento Community Patch. In the final part we’ll wrap our article with the procedure to clear Mage Cache, Recompiling & Restarting the server.

Here we’ll start with clearing Magento Cache:

Install Magento Community Patch – Clearing Cache

Firstly log in to your Mage Backend using admin credentials. Next find Cache under system tab.

Now, simply press “Flush Cache Storage” button to remove Mage cache.

In second step we’ll recompile the store. But only if the store is compiled earlier.

In case of your store is compiled earlier, it’s a must to recompile the store. So, we can incorporate the patch.

Further note: Skip the step if your store is not compiled earlier.

Install Magento Community Patch – Recompiling Store

First log in to the Admin panel using credentials.

On your store backend navigate through under System>>Tools>>Compilation.

Finally hit the button”Run Compilation Process”.

Bravo: Restart – Server

By restarting the server we’ll flush the remaining and wrap up our article. For example: Zend OpCache or APC. Here following are the steps to restart the server without hampering data and pages. So, let’s go!!

In case of good cPanel, just look for the option “Graceful Server Reboot”. So, log in cPanel using hosting credentials. In cPanel navigate through Home>System Reboot>Graceful Server Reboot.

As a second option, we can use our command line to do the same.

Here remember the command line might varies with operating system. To learn about system version type the following commands.

cat /etc/issue

However we try to put a list of command to restart server gracefully. Sometimes we might need to use “sudo” in the beginning to restart gracefully.

CentOS / Fedora / Redhat

apachectl -k graceful

Debian / Ubuntu

apache2ctl graceful

Finally close Putty & WinSCP windows to finish it off.

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